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  1. How to Successfully Implement an Electronic Health Record System – Part 2

    For most businesses, the extent of their privacy concerns ends with credit card information. When you work in the medical world, it's a whole different ball game. Not only do you need to protect your …Read More

  2. How to Successfully Implement an Electronic Health Record System – Part 1

    Paper medical records aren't used any more. In fact, you can get in trouble if your medical practice doesn't use electronic health records (EHR). EHRs have been widely used for a many years, but their…Read More

  3. Medical Billing Terms You Need to Know – Part 3

    If you have any part in running a medical practice, you can go home each night knowing you have made a good difference in the world. However, we understand that you may go home feeling stressed, frust…Read More

  4. Medical Billing Terms You Need to Know – Part 2

    Running a medical office is a formidable endeavor. Its challenges include complexity, privacy, and plain old risk. Not only do you have to provide great care, you have to protect your patients' inform…Read More

  5. Medical Billing Terms You Need to Know – Part 1

    If you're reading this blog, you are probably familiar with the vast world of medical terminology. It features an overwhelming amount of words, and it doesn't matter if you're working with parts of th…Read More

  6. Do Your Patients Have Questions About Their EMR?

    When working with your patients and staff to provide the best medical practice in your neighborhood, it’s important that every aspect of your practice is well run. This is especially true for the m…Read More

  7. Why Is Medical Coding So Important

    Medical Billing and Coding and Your Practice For anyone not involved in the medical industry, understanding the importance of medical coding can be a concept that evades you. However, knowing why it…Read More

  8. Components of A Great Medical Practice

    EHR and Your Medical Practice When running a medical practice, it is of the utmost importance that everything across the board lives up to a high standard. From the front of house practices with the…Read More

  9. Welcome to Complete Practice Resource!

    Our Medical Practice Management Welcome to Complete Practice Resource, your home for medical practice management. Our EHR services and software are among the best options that are available to practi…Read More

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