For most businesses, the extent of their privacy concerns ends with credit card information. When you work in the medical world, it’s a whole different ball game. Not only do you need to protect your patients’ payment information, you have to protect their medical histories. Failing to do so not only harms your patients, it can be catastrophic for your practice’s reputation and success.┬áThe good news is, you have great options when you turn to Complete Practice Resource. We provide incredible medical coding resources and more.

In addition to coding and electronic health record programs, we also provide knowledge to help you take your practice to the next level. In our last blog, we discussed keys for making a successful technology change in your practice. We talked about the importance of having strong leader support, unity around a vision, and planning for roadblocks. Today, we have a few more tips!

Get key stakeholders to lead the change on a clinical level

Rubber meets the road in your physicians, nurses, and desk staff. If you have your physicians and nurses on board with the technology change, it will make the transition easier. They will be able to champion the change to doubtful team members, which is something you can’t be everywhere to do all the time.

Have resources lined up

View the change as a journey, not a destination. Make sure there are adequate resources, finances, and infrastructure to sustain the change. You can also get clinicians involved in planning and ongoing education.

Maintain a realistic timeline

If you push too hard or let things slide, you will harm the change process. Instead, cultivate enthusiasm and momentum and prevent sliding by designing and maintaining a realistic timeline. This will help you manage expectations, which is incredibly powerful during change.

When it comes to medical coding and beyond in Santa Barbara, there is no better group than Complete Practice Resource. Check out our offerings and contact us for world-class assistance!