When working with your patients and staff to provide the best medical practice in your neighborhood, it’s important that every aspect of your practice is well run. This is especially true for the medical records aspect of your practice. Regardless of whether it’s for your needs and efficiency or for your patients, it’s important that you have a good EMR software that your office can depend on.

Why Is This Important?

It’s important to have your electronic health records readily available to your patient so that when they ask for them or about them, you can provide them with the information they need. It’s also important to explain what all of their information means, and what it is for. Here are some questions your patients might have about their medical records.

What Is A Medical Record?

Medical records are an account of your family medical history, your past medical procedures, any chronic conditions that you’ve been treated for, and any reason you have been admitted to a doctor or physician. It can even account for your allergies and other risk factors.

Why Do I Need My Medical Records?

Having your medical records is important for playing a part in your health care. It gives you control and allows you to be a better-informed patient. It also helps to have it if you move or switch health care providers

Can A Provider Deny Me Access To My Records?

Yes they can, however, they are required to five you a written denial within 30 days of your denial. There is a multitude of reasons they can deny you your medical health records from psychotherapy notes, all the way to information obtained in research.

Make sure your staff is prepared to answer these questions when they are confronted by patients about them. Provide your practice, staff and patients with comprehensive information regarding their medical  records by implementing a dependable EMR software in your practice.

If your office is in need of better EHR systems in Santa Barbara, be sure to contact Complete Practice Resource for the best health informatics around. We offer training on all of our systems so that you and your staff and fully utilize our EMR software. Call us today!

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